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Human Resource management

The Firm handles every aspect of human resource management, examining in the process of hiring any contribution relief applicable, together with the preventive drafting of the cost of personnel to be hired.
The management of human resources covers the following areas, also developed through the use by the customer of a specific HR portal:

  • maintaining mandatory books and documents;
  • registering for insurance and social security;
  • communicating with official bodies;
  • registering with occupational pensions and welfare institutions;
  • helping disabled people to get into the workplace;
  • protecting workers’ sensitive information;
  • payroll processing;
  • processing of payments to semi-subordinate and self-employed workers;
  • regular periodic actions (e.g. forms DM10, UniEmens, F24, amendments);
  • annual actions (statement on disabled workers, INAIL self-assessments, end of year tax certificates and self-employed
  • orkers certifications, simplified Mod. 770 submissions);
  • online communications with INPS.

In addition, thanks to the innovative web portal reserved for our clients, it is possible to make real-time use of a series of documents such as payslips, F24, etc.

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