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Client Portal

Studio Tozzi uses the innovative Client Portal of Zucchetti Spa (a software house with which it has been collaborating for over 20 years), based entirely on web technology, able to offer the customer the possibility of using in real time a series of services concerning the own company.

Thanks to a Saas (Software as a Service) platform, the professionist and the company operate within a shared web space where all data are accessible and profiled. All this allows to entrust to the client company part of the administrative activities (VAT registrations and settlements, first note import, F24 management, active and passive cycle, etc.), to guarantee an increase in efficiency and a synergistic relationship between customer and professional.

The portal also makes it possible to optimize the management and communication processes on the HR side, streamlining and improving the efficiency of the personnel department, proving to be a very useful tool to support relations between the company and its human resources.
Through a single access point via the web, it allows the entire organization to:

  • reduce the time needed to access information
  • facilitate the consultation of documents of interest
  • optimize process management
  • improve the corporate image
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