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Studio Tozzi

Studio Tozzi carries out business, taxation, corporate and labour-related consultancy for companies, businesses, self-employed workers and private individuals.

Each client is given personalised assistance and his accounting procedures are organised in the simplest way possible. It handles accounting, drafting of the financial statements, preparation of single form and form Mod. 730 tax returns, and tax and labour disputes.

It offers labour consultancy with the preparation of payslips, assistance with trade unions and in labour disputes. It specialises in arranging outsourcing services for personnel administration and corporate accounting.

It provides consultancy on concessionary financing and employment incentives.

Client Portal

Studio Tozzi uses the innovative Client Portal of Zucchetti Spa (a software house with which it has been collaborating for over 20 years), based entirely on web technology, able to offer the customer the possibility of using in real time a series of services concerning the own company.

Thanks to a Saas (Software as a Service) platform, the professionist and the company operate within a shared web space where all data are accessible and profiled. All this allows to entrust to the client company part of the administrative activities (VAT registrations and settlements, first note import, F24 management, active and passive cycle, etc.), to guarantee an increase in efficiency and a synergistic relationship between customer and professional.

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