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Financial Consultancy and Monitoring of Operations

The Firm provides independent information-based support for business clients.

Various areas of comparison and discussion are formulated on a vast range of problems of a financial and operational nature.

In particular, these operations monitoring and consultancy activities are carried out through the following functions:

  • analysis of the capital and financial structure of the business, highlighting the critical areas;

  • monitoring of the different company profit margins through the introduction of analytical methodologies appropriate to their assessment;

  • evaluation of a business client’s creditworthiness in the light of Basel II recommendations;

  • setting up of suitable reports in order to improve relations with banks;

  • assessment with business clients of the effect on taxation of different corporate choices;

  • supporting the business client in certain important financial choices, such as new investments, financing, increases in capital, disposal of the business, company valuations, etc.

  • definition of financial objectives and assessment of the financial requirements of corporate decisions;

  • analyses of data on main competitors and evaluation of company results.

A characteristic of this way of working is that an initial examination is made of critical areas within a relatively short time span, without causing disruption to the company’s administrative structure, but making use of existing administration resources and exploiting them more effectively.

The benefits to the business client can immediately be seen and evaluated, since this activity is aimed at supporting the company’s financial and economic decisions, and can be summarised as follows:

  • clear monitoring of its results;

  • a view of its decisions that is not static, but rather, is focussed on the future;

  • better control of cash-flows and corporate costs;

  • a consultant with whom to discuss their quantitative measurements;

  • the formalising of their objectives, in terms of the budget also;

  • analyses of the results achieved;

  • periodical reports for evaluating their results;

  • an improvement in relations with the banks.

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