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Tax Area

17 Oct
Tax Consultancy

All tax obligations are cared for pertaining to organisations, self-employed workers and private individuals involving direct, indirect and substitute taxation (Corporation Tax, Regional Production Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, etc.). We guarantee that tax information is kept constantly up-to-date through the issuing of special circulars.

Taxation and reporting requirements.
The preparation and on-line submission of tax returns (combined form, form ‘Mod. 770’, VAT return, ‘studio di settore’ – statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries). As a CAAF collection centre, the firm is authorised to prepare and submit form Mod. 730. Preparation of the municipal property tax return and handling of payments.

Particular care is given to the handling of tax disputes, with the preparation of appeals and assistance before Tax Commissions.

17 Oct
Tributary Argument

The Tax Area follows the client at all stages of litigation, from checking and verification of acts of investigation and issue of payment issued by the Tax Office in respect of individuals and enterprisesthe preparation and presentation at these Offices applications to set aside in self-defenseto declare and pay membership, suspension, appeals and all other acts of deflation litigationtax commissions at provincialregional and central.

17 Oct
Trustee in Bankruptcy

The firm specializes in assisting the company throughout the preparatory phase prior to filing for bankruptcy and, in particular the arrangement will take care of accounting and corporate books, the opposition to bankruptcy proceedings and the arrangement of business accounting.

17 Oct

The firm oversees all operations of succession from the preparation of the declaration of estate with the calculations of taxes to be paid to the accommodation of any land divisions and the allocation of new revenues.

17 Oct
Auditing of Accounts

Since the owner of the Firm, Maurizio Tozzi, Accountant, is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, he is authorised to serve as a member of a company’s Board of Internal Auditors or as an Auditor within a public body. The auditing of accounts is aimed at guaranteeing that the information provided in the financial statements is complete and reliable, through the use of auditing procedures that comply with national and international accounting and auditing principles. The internal procedures of each type of business structure are carefully examined and appropriate assessments are provided in order to guarantee monitoring of the accounts and the correct application of accounting principles.

17 Oct
Accounting – Administrative Consultancy

The Firm can offer a comprehensive consultancy service covering accounting and administration, as well as the preparation of financial statements and declarations in general, notes to the accounts and reports on operations.

It can assist business clients in the preparation and production of financial reports (in compliance with current legislation) and in the management of company administration.

With specific regard to accounting consultancy, it handles all of the following matters:

  • book-keeping and the maintenance of written accounts
  • updating of books of accounts (journals and inventories)
  • management of store accounting
  • updating of tax records (VAT, depreciable and other assets)
  • drafting of annual financial reports and consequent obligations
  • preparation (to EEC standards) of financial statements to be presented to the shareholders’ Annual General Meeting
  • online submission to the local Chamber of Commerce of financial statements for the year and of all the company documents called for by law
  • ‘studi di settore’ (statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries) and accounting parameters
  • online submissions
  • the creation and management of Sole Trader and Family businesses.
17 Oct
Financial Consultancy and Monitoring of Operations

The Firm provides independent information-based support for business clients.

Various areas of comparison and discussion are formulated on a vast range of problems of a financial and operational nature.

In particular, these operations monitoring and consultancy activities are carried out through the following functions:

  • analysis of the capital and financial structure of the business, highlighting the critical areas;

  • monitoring of the different company profit margins through the introduction of analytical methodologies appropriate to their assessment;

  • evaluation of a business client’s creditworthiness in the light of Basel II recommendations;

  • setting up of suitable reports in order to improve relations with banks;

  • assessment with business clients of the effect on taxation of different corporate choices;

  • supporting the business client in certain important financial choices, such as new investments, financing, increases in capital, disposal of the business, company valuations, etc.

  • definition of financial objectives and assessment of the financial requirements of corporate decisions;

  • analyses of data on main competitors and evaluation of company results.

A characteristic of this way of working is that an initial examination is made of critical areas within a relatively short time span, without causing disruption to the company’s administrative structure, but making use of existing administration resources and exploiting them more effectively.

The benefits to the business client can immediately be seen and evaluated, since this activity is aimed at supporting the company’s financial and economic decisions, and can be summarised as follows:

  • clear monitoring of its results;

  • a view of its decisions that is not static, but rather, is focussed on the future;

  • better control of cash-flows and corporate costs;

  • a consultant with whom to discuss their quantitative measurements;

  • the formalising of their objectives, in terms of the budget also;

  • analyses of the results achieved;

  • periodical reports for evaluating their results;

  • an improvement in relations with the banks.

17 Oct
Corporate Consultancy

The Firm can offer “made-to-measure” corporate and financial consultancy, thanks to the experience garnered from more than 30 years of activity. The main areas covered are:

  • theincorporationofacompany:
    1. the choice of the legal form
    2. the definition of the articles of association and shareholder agreements
    3. formalities for the incorporation and start of activities
  • the location of the registered office

  • the safekeeping and updating of the company books

  • financial reports:
    1. the preparation of the financial statements, notes to the accounts and reports on operations
    2. filing the financial statements
    3. preparing the consolidated financial statements
  • Ongoing administrative and tax-related assistance:
    1. updates via fax or e-mail on relevant fiscal and accounting changes
    2. ongoing telephone assistance depending on the client’s needs
    3. monitoring of due dates and checking that all repetitious obligations are fulfilled
  • extraordinary transactions: mergers, demergers, transformations and contributions
  • consultancy on contracts, commercial law and bankruptcy

  • appraisals and valuations of companies, shareholdings and business units

  • acceptance of assignments as advisors, directors and liquidators for companies and for Italian branches of foreign companies

  • organisation and administrative management of a company, reporting to the parent

17 Oct
NonProfit Sector

The Firm also deals with “non commercial organisations”, providing assistance to the entire nonprofit sector including public and private bodies, foundations, associations, committees, religious bodies and charitable organisations.

It handles all aspects of the management of these bodies, from their creation (drafting articles of association and other requirements), to taxation and contract consultancy, setting up and maintaining all aspects of their asset and financial accounting, assisting in the drafting of mission statements, the preparation of financial reports, preliminary and final, as well as auditing of the same.

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